MT-VIKI will take part in Global Source Fair in Hong Kong from Otc, 11th to 14th ,2018

2019-12-19 16:58:47

Address: Asia World-Expo, HongKong Internationnal Airport, Lantau, HongKong.

Show time: October 11th to 14th, 2018.

Booth No.: 5F02


Guangdong MT-VIKI Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., a factory with about 200 workers and about 10,000 square meters. Mainly provide KVM switch, HDMI extender, HDMI splitter, switcher, matrix switch, converter, computer peripherals, cables etc.


At this exhibition, we will still show our KVM switch, which is very mature in technology. One of the highlights is the modular 17-inch LED KVM switch. This KVM switch can separate KVM switch, display control platform, guide rail, which is very helpful for troubleshooting, transportation and installation. For the all-in-one LCD KVM switch, due to it is heavy, takes at least two people to install it in a few minutes. But this modular KVM switch can be easily installed within 1 minutes by one person.


There are also more competitive HDMI splitters, HDMI matrix switch, HDMI switcher, and computer peripheral products will also be showed in our showroom.


Many new products also show, such as the 300m HDMI extender through a single coaxial cable, 8-port optical transceiver.

The HDMI extender only needs to transmit the HDMI signal to 300m through a coaxial cable, and the image has no delay and no compression. And also supports Bidirection IR.


Another new 8-port optical transceiver. The 8-channel video optical transceiver adopts uncompressed transmission technology, and the high-quality video effect can meet the needs of users. The plug-and-play design is easy to install and does not require on-site adjustment. The optical module and core circuit are imported. The device has high stability and all optical and electrical interfaces comply with international standards and are suitable for different working environments. This product can help you solve the cumbersome wiring problem. You only need to use one fiber optic cable to transmit 8 video signals, the longest distance is 20Km. If the status light is displayed normally, it means there is no problem with the interface connection. It can be easily detected to troubleshoot.


More detail and products, Welcome to our booth room for consultation.